Humanity, as it calls itself, has begun to spread out across the stars to stake claim to the galaxy’s bounty. The recent invention of subspace technology has revolutionized the growth of the species in a fundamental way. No longer is space and food fought over, instead of having to war with somebody to gain precious new land, someone can just apply to acquire some. Humanity has spread out to sixteen solar systems with habitable planets so far, and the market for new planets is booming, driving explorers ever farther through subspace and into new systems. Humanity has entered it’s golden space age, and the amount of conflict apparent is mere politician’s squabbles and criminal activity. There is no more human war, at least, not for right now.

The technology is PL7, with jump gates at every major discovered solar system, and subspace drives to get the frontiersmen to their destinations.

The adventure will begin as each of our heroes has been contacted by a mining company known as Marshall, Carter, and Darke.

This campaign uses d20 Modern with the following supplements; D20 Future, D20 Future Tech, D20 Apocalypse, D20 Urban Arcana, Menace Manual, D20 Mutants and Masterminds.

Various house rules apply to this game, and if you have any questions about feats or an idea for a character, I am always happy to make shit up for you.

Characters will start at 9th level.

Look around, post your characters in the appropriate section if you want.

...Of a Time Long Past